Syntax extensions and regular expressions for Rust

Posted on 04/21/2014 at 7:51pm

A few weeks ago, I set out to add regular expressions to the Rust distribution with an implementation and feature set heavily inspired by Russ Cox’s RE2. It was just recently added to the Rust distribution.

This regex crate includes a syntax extension that compiles a regular expression to native Rust code when a Rust program is compiled. This can be thought of as “ahead of time” compilation or something similar to compile time function execution. These special natively compiled regexes have the same exact API as regular expressions compiled at runtime.

In this article, I will outline my implementation strategy—including code samples on how to write a Rust syntax extension—and describe how I was able to achieve an identical API between regexes compiled at compile time and regexes compiled at runtime.

Brief notes on format

All code samples in this post compile with rustc from commit 8bc286 (compiled on 2014-06-30, 21:16:32+0). Code samples with an // Output: comment are tested before uploaded.

Most code samples should correspond to a complete program that is compilable. This makes samples a bit longer than they need to be, but I think it’s important to include complete working examples for a language still in development and not (yet) widely known.

Note that Rust is still under heavy development. I will do my best to keep this article updated with any breaking changes.

How a regex matcher works

There are many different ways to implement a regular expression engine, so I will just briefly outline how mine works, which should closely correspond to RE2.

First, a regular expression is parsed and converted into an abstract syntax tree. For example, the regex a|b might be represented as Alternate(Literal(a), Literal(b)), which signifies “match either a or b.” Second, the regex’s abstract syntax is converted to a sequence of instructions. This sequence of instructions can then be evaluated by a virtual machine which will determine if a regex matches some text (and where it matches).

For the regex a|b, the sequence of instructions looks something like:

  • 1: Split(2, 4)
  • 2: Char(a)
  • 3: Jump(5)
  • 4: Char(b)
  • 5: Match

In this case, Split means “jump to two different instructions simultaneously.” In particular, if either branch executes the Match instruction, then the entire regex will match. If both Char instructions fail, then it’s impossible to reach the Match instruction.

Clarifying the divide: native regexes vs. dynamic regexes

The word “compiled” is heavily overloaded, so it’s worth making sure that we get our terms straight. For example, in Python, you can compile a regular expression with re.compile("..."), which is done at runtime, and converts the pattern given into a data structure that is fed into a matching algorithm. Often, it is good practice to compile a regular expression outside of loops so that it doesn’t have to go through the overhead of compilation each time the expression is used to search text. (Assuming you don’t want to rely on Python’s caching.)

This is emphatically not what I mean by compiling regexes “ahead of time.” What I mean is the more literal translation: a regular expression is converted to native Rust code when you compile your Rust program. That is, there is (virtually) zero cost of compiling a regex during runtime. Perhaps more importantly, because it’s compiled to native Rust code, your regex will always run faster. (I promise evidence of this claim with benchmarks toward the end of this article.)

Let’s clarify with an example. First, we can try compiling a regular expression at runtime:

Notice that we call Regex::new to create a regex, and the call may fail if the expression given isn’t a valid regex. I call this a dynamic regex because the regular expression compilation happens at runtime. This example is analogous to Python’s re.compile.

When a regular expression is compiled dynamically, it is converted to a sequence of instructions that are executed by a virtual machine. This virtual machine can execute any valid regular expression expressed as a sequence of instructions.

In contrast, I’ve called regexes that are compiled to Rust code when your Rust program compiles native. A native regex is indistinguishable from a dynamic regex, except that it must be created with a regex! macro:

The highlighted lines indicate a change from the previous code sample.

(Note about Rust: Syntax extensions require a special compiler directive #[phase(plugin)] to work. The phase directive must be enabled explicitly: #![feature(phase)].)

Notice that we no longer have to check if regex! returns an error because all errors are converted to compile time errors. For example, the following program will fail to compile:

The error given by rustc: Regex syntax error near position 3: Unclosed parenthesis.

So what exactly does regex! expand to if not a sequence of instructions? Well, remember the virtual machine I mentioned earlier that can execute a sequence of instructions? That’s precisely what regex! gets replaced with, except it’s specialized to the particular sequence of instructions corresponding to the regular expression given. This specialization allows us to perform optimizations such as removing heap allocation and embedding the instructions directly instead of relying on a generalized algorithm.

If you want an example, you can take a look at how this program expands the regex! macro into this program. (It’s not important to understand the expanded code, but it is notable that it expands to a lot of code! If you have a lot of regex! calls in your program, then you might see your binary size increase. But compiling with -O optimization will help with that.)

Native regexes are pretty good. They provide extra safety (cannot compile a program with an invalid regex) and extra performance. They do come with a downside though: code bloat. If your program has a lot of regex! calls (hundreds) and is compiled unoptimized, then you’ll notice a bigger binary. However, optimization can help shrink them back down.

Related work

Note that I am not the first to do this. D has ctRegex which claims to do something similar. There is also xpressive in Boost, but native regexes must be written with template syntax. Finally, there is also CL-PPCRE for Common Lisp which also claims to have native regexes.

Nimrod seems like it is capable of producing native regexes, but I don’t think it has been done yet.

A related project is Ragel, which can compile state machines to native code in a variety of languages. In principle, Ragel is also producing native regexes, but my approach is automated by the Rust compiler and provides an API identical to that of dynamic regexes.

(Please alert me if I’ve missed anything.)

Native regexes are implemented with macros

Rust has hygienic macros, but they can be written in one of two ways. The first way is to use macro_rules! to conveniently specify some source transformation with quasiquoting. For example, here is how the try! macro is defined, which provides an easy way to return early in a function that returns a value with type Result<T, E>:

Notice the use of quasiquoting with $e. The expression $e is spliced into the match expression at compile time. The quasiquoting in this case distinguishes between something that parameterizes the macro at compile time and the actual source code being written.

In general, if a macro can be written with macro_rules!, then it should be written with macro_rules! because they are simple to write. However, they are not powerful enough to implement native regexes because they are restricted to source code transformations. To implement native regexes, we need to actually compile a regular expression during the compilation of a Rust program.

Luckily, the second way to write a macro is via a syntax extension (also known as a “procedural macro”). This is done by a compile time hook that lets you execute arbitrary Rust code, rewrite the abstract syntax to whatever you want and opens up access to the Rust compiler’s parser. In short, you get a lot of power. And it’s enough to implement native regexes. The obvious drawback is that they are more difficult to implement.

Note that all macros are invoked with the name! syntax, regardless of whether they are defined with macro_rules! or as a syntax extension.

Setting up a syntax extension

Syntax extensions only became available to user programs a few months ago. Before that, they were only available to the Rust compiler. Thus, there is little documentation, so I’ve learned what I know by example and by examining the syntax crate, which defines Rust’s abstract syntax, provides a parser and the syntax extension functionality itself. (Note that syntax extensions are currently an experimental feature of Rust.)

Since there is a fair bit of boiler plate required, let’s take a look at implementing a trivial macro that returns the factorial of 5:

(N.B. There are some comments in the code above that explain some details.)

The magic happens with the macro_registrar function, which must be exported and labelled with the special #[macro_registrar] attribute. This function is where the compiler lets you register syntax extensions, which have a name and provide a value of type SyntaxExtension which indicates the sort of expansion that you intend to do. In this case, we’re using NormalTT, which is a function-like macro, but there are others, including the macro_rules! form.

Here, we register a single macro: factorial, which is expanded by the expand function. The type of expand is specified by the NormalTT expansion, which gives us an extension context (e.g., the parsing state), a span (e.g., a region of the actual code, used for error reporting) and a token tree. But most importantly, the return value is a Box<MacResult> (“macro result”), where MacResult is a trait. Types that satisfy the MacResult trait can be automatically spliced into the AST of a Rust program. In this case, we’re just creating an expression, so we can use the MacExpr helper type to construct a value that has type Box<MacResult>. Finally, we see that MacExpr::new has type Gc<Expr> -> Box<MacResult>. Ah ha! So if we can build an expression, then we can build a Box<MacResult>, and therefore be done with our macro expansion.

The body of the expand function shows how to manually create an expression with a single integer literal. Even though the expression is very simple, I wrote two helper functions uint_literal and dummy_expr to encapsulate some of the more mundane details. If we have to go through this much work for just a single literal, you might imagine that it gets very tedious pretty quickly.

But remember the quasiquoting that was available to use when defining macros with macro_rules!? They are available to us here too, courtesy of the syntax::ext::quote module. Here’s the same syntax extension implemented using quasiquoting:

The quote_expr! macro does all the heavy lifting for us. It splices the value of answer into an expression for us, handling all the nitty-gritty details automatically. (We could also write, say, $answer + 1 which would produce an expression with an addition operation. The $answer part is computed at compile time and the addition operation would be done at runtime—if it isn’t optimized away.) Fundamentally, the quasiquoting works the same here as it does with macro_rules!.

(There is some middle ground between building the AST manually and using quasiquoting, but I won’t cover it here.)

And finally, we can actually use it with:

The comments in the code explain some of the extra compiler directives we have to write in order to import a syntax extension. (Note that this is no different than importing the log crate from the Rust distribution, except that the log crate requires #[phase(syntax, link)] because it provides more stuff than just a syntax extension.)

Accessing the parser

The above example demonstrates how to write a really simple—but pretty useless—syntax extension. To write a useful syntax extension, we probably need to define a macro that can accept arguments. With macro_rules!, this is really easy because there’s some convenient syntax similar to defining a regular function. But in the land of syntax extensions, we must deal with Rust’s parser directly.

An obvious extension to our factorial! macro is to let it take an integer argument so that we can compute any factorial. But how do we get the arguments given to a macro defined as a syntax extension?

Well, if you look back at the last example, then you’ll notice that the expand function has a few parameters that we didn’t use. One of which is a sequence of token trees with type &[ast::TokenTree]. Luckily, a sequence of ast::TokenTree values can be used to build a parser with new_parser_from_tts defined in the syntax::parse module. With a parser, we can ask it for expressions—and once we have expressions, we can translate those to real Rust values. In this case, that’s just going to be an integer. (You can see the parser API here, and although it is largely undocumented, most of the names are reasonably descriptive.)

Let’s take a look at the code. The principal changes from the last example are highlighted:

The first few changes are fairly trivial. This time, instead of hard-coding the factorial of 5, we parse an unsigned integer literal and pass that to the factorial function. If a single unsigned integer literal could not be parsed, then we return a “dummy expression”. The actual error is written to the parser state in parse. The code is structured this way to allow the compiler to continue even if an error is found.

The parse function shows how to create a parser from a sequence of token trees. A single expression is parsed, and we use pattern matching to make sure it corresponds to an unsigned integer literal. (To figure out which value constructors to use in your patterns, you’ll want to dig into the ast::Expr documentation, specifically the Expr_ type.)

After we find a literal, we make sure it’s the last thing in the sequence of token trees and then return the integer as a real Rust value with type u64.

If anything unexpected occurs, we log an error with the Rust compiler via the ExtCtxt and return None. As a bonus, we use the syntax::print::pprust module to pretty-print Rust expressions to make our error messages nicer.

Finally, the macro can be used the same way as last time, except we call factorial! with an integer argument:

This concludes the tutorial aspect of this article. Now we’ll get back to regexes.

Creating the regex! syntax extension

Instead of going through the full code generator, which would require more explanation about how the virtual machine works, I’ll explain the representation of native regexes and how some of the optimizations work.

But first, we must figure out how the regex! macro will be used. If possible, it should reuse the existing API for the Regex type. The benefit of this is that native regexes won’t introduce any additional complexity on top of dynamic regexes other than how they are constructed. The regex! macro should also probably return an expression, so that we can write things like regex!("abc").is_match("xyz").

Perhaps we can construct a value with type Regex. If we could do that, then we’d be done—because such values already support all the convenient matching, splitting and replacing functions. So let’s take a look at the representation of a dynamic Regex:

The representation shown here is very simple: it’s just a sequence of instructions. The problem is that this representation is for dynamic regexes. Remember that dynamic regexes work by being compiled to a sequence of instructions that is then executed by a general virtual machine. The VM can be thought of as a Rust function with type fn(insts: &[Inst], search: &str) -> Captures, where Captures is just the location of matches in the search text.

Native regexes on the other hand should be native Rust code with precisely the same type as above with one omission: the sequence of instructions. Why? Because the sequence of instructions is encoded directly into the function by the regex! syntax extension. Therefore, the type of a native regex VM would have to be fn(search: &str) -> Captures.

So we’re left with an interesting set of constraints. On the one hand, we have a VM that can execute a sequence of instructions on search text, and on the other, we have a specialized VM that just executes on search text. Since a regex must be either dynamic or native, we can represent this state of affairs with a sum type:

And now we can easily write a function that executes a Regex on search text, regardless of whether its dynamic or native:

These details of the representation are hidden from well behaving clients, and therefore, dynamic and native regexes are indistinguishable.

Why did you just say “well behaving clients”?

Shouldn’t Rust’s module system prevent clients from accessing parts of the representation that aren’t exported?

Herein lay the dirty little secret of the regex_macros crate: it must be able to access the internal representation of a Regex (along with other things, like the set of all instructions). But if you look at the public API documentation, you’ll not see any such details of the representation exposed. This is because they are hidden using a special #[doc(hidden)] attribute, but you can see that an entire module of things is exported for the exclusive benefit of the regex_macros crate.

Therefore, the “well behaving clients” qualification is necessary. Misbehaving clients could access the internal representation of the Regex type, and thereby distinguish between dynamic and native regexes.

(It’d be possible to ameliorate this somewhat by exposing a hidden constructor function.)

Performance optimizations

This is still early days for the regex crate in Rust, but there are two primary optimizations made with native regexes. The first is removing heap allocation. Briefly, the general VM for dynamic regexes has a few places where it needs to allocate things on the heap. Primarily, the allocation is for storing capture groups (i.e., the location of submatches in search text). The heap allocation is necessary because the dynamic VM doesn’t know at compile time how many capture groups any particular regex might have.

This of course is not the case for native regexes, since the regex is compiled when your Rust program is compiled. Therefore, we can put all of the capture group information on the stack using explicitly sized vectors (i.e., [T, ..N]). This removes all heap allocation (except for the return value).

The second optimization comes from encoding the instructions directly into one big match expression based on the position of the instruction. This removes a lot of small computations necessary to discover what the “next” instruction is.

Some other smaller optimizations were made, such as removing conditional branches based on flags set in a particular instruction (like case insensitivity, multi-line mode, etc.) or converting a binary search on a character class to a single match expression.


As promised, here are some benchmarks run on an Intel i3930K:

Native regexes provide a universal speedup.

The more interesting observation is that native regexes drastically reduce constant factors associated with matching a particular regex against some text. This is evidenced by the easy_32, easy1_32, medium_32 and hard_32 benchmarks, where there is an order of magnitude improvement in almost all of them.

These benchmarks in particular test a few different regexes (based on particular optimizations related to literal prefixes) on 32 bytes of text. As one might imagine, with such a small search string, constant factors are likely to dominate the performance of the matching algorithm. Not surprisingly, native regexes win big here—likely because there is almost no heap allocation occurring.

Future work

There are still many more optimizations that can be performed:

  • Creating a “one pass” NFA where no backtracking need occur.
  • Attempt to do state compression in the code generator via a more intelligent analysis on the sequence of instructions.
  • The big one: implement a DFA, similar to how RE2/C++ works.


Many thanks to the following:


Other examples of syntax extensions

When documentation is scarce, the next best thing is to look at examples. Here are the ones I know about:

  • simple-ext is an example of a syntax extension for sorting literal strings. You can see it used here.
  • hexfloat for hexadecimal floating-point literals (part of Rust distribution).
  • fourcc four-character code library (part of Rust distribution).
  • rust-phf implements compile time static maps.

Please ping me if you know of more examples. I’ll add them here.

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You mention "quasiquoting" several times, but never explain what it is. I understand what quoting is in Lisp, and I think I understand what quasiquoting is in Scheme, but I don't understand how this relates to what's going on in Rust. Can you expand your post to explain what quasiquoting is, or at the least supply some references so I can understand?

Andrew Gallant

Posted on 07/01/2014 at 9:43pm

This seems to be a problem gists. I'm not sure how to resolve it without moving from gists. Usually refreshing the page will fix it.

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Failed loading gist timeout

Andrew Gallant

Posted on 05/22/2014 at 6:16am


Sorry for the late response, it seems my blog's email notifications are broken.

That's a very good observation. It's something I considered while writing the implementation, which only requires one-character lookahead at any point in time. It is very possible to adapt this to use some sort of reader over a stream data (assuming a one character buffer is allowed). I suspect this is something we'll want to consider before removing the "experimental" label on the API.

Ed McCardell

Posted on 05/07/2014 at 6:37am

Looking at the documentation, it seems that this regex library only operates on strings. Are there plans to allow matching using any iterator over Unicode characters (something like RuneReader in Go, or CharSequence in Java)? The use case I'm considering is large amounts of text stored in more complicated data structures (gap buffers, or piece tables, or ropes) where it would be inconvenient to serialize the text to a string on every search.